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Movie Preview: "Chasing October"

"Chasing October" is, according to the press release I received:

filmmaker Matt Liston's docu-comedy that chronicles his crusade to take the Chicago Cubs to the World Series "by any means necessary." Director Liston quits his job and decides that by making a documentary about the team during the 2003 season, he can singlehandedly will them to the post-season. The film is a hilarious must-see that will bring joy to all Cubs fans.
Well. I suppose this would be a happier film to see if the Cubs had ... gotten ... those ... last ... five ... damned ... outs, but it could be entertaining anyway.

I'm writing about this today primarily to tell you that this film is being screened tomorrow, March 13, at 8 pm at the Harkins Camelview Theater in Scottsdale, Arizona -- not that many of you are there, but if you are, you can attend the film and also a postscreening reception at a nearby sports bar where Matt Liston and Derrek Lee (and some other Cubs) will be in attendance. At the screening and party you can make donations to Project 3000, the foundation formed by Derrek and Boston Celtics CEO Wyc Grousbeck, whose children both suffer from the genetic disease Lebers Congenital Amaurosis (LCA). It's a worthy cause and you can also donate (and I already have) to this foundation via the link above.

The film opens to the general public in Scottsdale on Friday and in Chicago on the following Friday, March 23. There will be another screening for charity at the Music Box Theater in Chicago on March 19. Click here for more info on the benefit screenings.

Here's the trailer for the film: