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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Diamondbacks at Tucson, Tuesday 3/13, 3:05 CT

The parade of pain continues today as Wade Miller, shoulder still not 100%, will face the Diamondbacks on the Cubs' first March trip down I-10 to Tucson.

Micah Owings, a 24-year-old nonroster guy whose minor league numbers look decent but not spectacular, will throw for Arizona.

For those of you wondering what's up with Carlos Zambrano's contract extension negotiations, apparently they will resume this weekend when Z's agent arrives in the Phoenix area.

Based on MLB Audio's schedule for today, there is no radio broadcast available for the game, so we're all stuck with nothing more than Gameday to keep track of the play-by-play. The Cubs have their only off-day of the spring tomorrow, so your guess is as good as mine at this point as to how many regulars will make the trip to Tucson. I'd imagine Derrek Lee, at least, won't go, both to take another day after his injury scare yesterday, and because he's scheduled to appear this evening at the charity movie screening I mentioned yesterday.

And, there's a new twist in the ongoing Extra Innings saga, from Maury Brown at Biz of Baseball:

In an interesting twist to the Extra Innings / DirecTV deal, cable may opt to go the online route, as opposed to trying to match DirecTV’s offer of placing the MLB Channel on the basic tier.

To compete, iN Demand may take an interesting side route to keep from losing customers to DirecTV: offer free or deeply discounted access to MLB.TV, the MLBAM controlled online version of Extra Innings.

(emphasis in original)

Well -- this'll likely piss off the folks at MLB Advanced Media, as Brown's article states. We, as always, await developments.

Discuss amongst yourselves.