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A BCB Contest!

The ballclub has the day off -- at least from a scheduled game; I figure there will be the usual workouts, etc.

Thus there isn't much news. Bruce Miles reports that Alfonso Soriano's our centerfielder, barring some major disaster:

Unless there's a drastic change in plans or events, Alfonso Soriano has done enough in center field to convince manager Lou Piniella to leave him there when the regular season starts.

"That's what it looks like," Piniella said today before the Cubs took on the Arizona Diamondbacks at Tucson Electric Park. "I have not seen anything to tell me that he can't play center field."

Well, I think the rest of us have seen some of that, but I hope Lou's right.

Anyway, I thought I'd take the opportunity of the off-day to announce a contest. It's really simple: pick the Cubs' final 2007 record. The winner will get, as usual, something from Al's Big Collection Of Baseball Stuff. If I win, it'll go to the second-place finisher.

Since choosing something like this will inevitably result in many people with the same choice, we need a tiebreaker.

I was trying to think of something unusual to use as a tiebreaker, and at first I came up with stuff like this:

  • Number of bats broken over Z's leg
  • Number of bases thrown by Lou Piniella
  • Number of days before Cliff Floyd's first injury
  • Number of towels thrown by Mark Prior...
But instead, I've decided on something very simple, yet something that will likely generate enough different answers to serve as a useful tiebreaker.

So, post your predicted record in the comments, and the tiebreaker is: How many home runs will Felix Pie hit in the major leagues in 2007?

If someone would also like to volunteer to tally up the entries, I'd appreciate it. Comments on this thread close in ten days, so that'll be the deadline.

I'm going to go with 89-73, and one HR for Pie.

Have fun!