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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Padres at Mesa, Saturday 3/17, 3:05 CT

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The future meets the past today.

Rich Hill, who many of us -- me included, though I wouldn't have said this a year ago -- have extremely high hopes for this season, meets Greg Maddux, two-time ex-Cub now toiling "close to home" for the Padres (I never did understand that "closer to home" thing, unless the player is actually playing in the city where he lives. Vegas is still a several hour car ride or plane flight from San Diego).

There is a multitude of media choice for your viewing and listening pleasure today. In addition to WGN-TV and radio, there's also a San Diego radio broadcast in the media center link above, as well as an alternate Padres radio link, which, based on the call letters given (XEMO) is a Spanish-language broadcast.

There's also Gameday, as usual.

Kerry Wood had his arm examined yesterday. Here's Larry Rothschild's non-statement on the matter:

"If it's a few days, it's not a problem," Rothschild said. "If it's a week or 10 days, it'll become an issue to get him ready. We'll see where he is in the next few days."

In other words, who the heck knows?

Other interesting baseball notes: the Chinese national baseball team will play a team of Angels minor leaguers in Tempe today, as part of their run-up to hosting the 2008 Olympics. There's also a chance that there might be a regular-season series played in Beijing to start the 2008 season. Or, the article also says:

Australia, Taiwan and South Korea also have presented proposals to baseball for regular-season games in 2008 and 2009. Baseball plans to hold the second edition of the World Baseball Classic in 2009, making regular-season play abroad less likely that season.

I went to the Cubs/Mets series in Japan in 2000. I think it's a great way of spreading baseball internationally, and if the Cubs are involved in any overseas games in 2008, I'd love to go again.

Discuss amongst yourselves.