Monday Morning Headlines -- Chock Full O' Nuts!

Yeah, I missed yesterday. A few key articles from then will be included for you here, free of charge.

Piniella is dangerously close to completing his 25 man roster of doom! Things of note:

  • Guzman at long relief. Because of course that's come up before.
  • Miller as the fifth starter.
  • Neal Cotts seems primed to take the roles of "screwing Buck Coats out of a roster spot," "taking Roberto Novoa's place in handing out late-inning batting practice," and "relegating Carmen Pigmietello to the minors."
  • Speaking of Novoa, apparently he's been injured. Who knew?
  • Ryan Theriot has a lot of gloves. And he is ready to use them all in his constant quest for other people's playing time. You go get 'em, kid.
  • Rocky Cherry might make the team. Of course, it took injuries to Wood and Wuertz to get to this point, but still.
  • On that note, Apparently Rothschild is the one who insists on having 12 pitchers. That's new. Also, I just love this line: "Miller, who missed half of 2004 with shoulder problems that eventually required arthroscopic surgery after the '05 season, has built strength and endurance this spring, while would-be challengers such as Sean Marshall (injury), Neal Cotts (ineffectiveness) and Prior (both?) have fallen out of the running."

    Dunno how I missed this, but the Marlins might want Angel Pagan. And the Cubs are interested in Colorado utilityman Clint Barmes.

    We will keep our precious outs and we will use them to club the long, long ball!

    Cliff Floyd says "I have never been a liability on defense." Would this man lie to you? Really?

    Also, on that note... Daryl Ward, it seems the time has come for you to justify your existance. I'm sure last year would have really sucked for John Mabry if we'd had that policy in place.

    It makes sense to keep Jacque Jones, Bruce Miles says.

    Zambrano says he's close to a new contract with the Cubs. Also, how often do you see the phrase "groundball triple"? (According to Google, 39 times!)

    Ben Maller says that the Cubs' front office would like to know what Carlos is talking about.

    The Cubs have changed something in Guzman's delivery that they think will really help him out. That's exactly the sort of thing you'd expect to see from a new pitching coa... we didn't get a new pitching coach? Seriously? Huh.

    There should be more roster cuts today. Actually, I'm just supposed to "expect" some "roster moves." Oh, and Micah Hoffpauir really enjoys the baseball fantasy camp he's at right now.

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