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2007 Community Projections: Carlos Zambrano

We've now projected nine hitters (eight probable starters plus Cliff Floyd). Today, it's on to the pitching staff and the Cubs' ace (who will also, coincidentally, be starting today's game against the Angels in Mesa), who could be starting his best seasons. He won't be 26 until June, and is already one of the top starters in the major leagues.

For starting pitchers, let's project:

G, GS, IP, H, W, L, BB, SO, ERA, WHIP (you should be able to calculate WHIP from the BB/H and IP numbers you choose)

And I shall begin by saying I think Z is going to have a superstar season, Cy Young caliber, perhaps even winning the award, and maybe even -- at last -- throwing that no-hitter he's come close to several times.

G 34
GS 34
IP 222
H 176
W 20
L 7
BB 83
SO 217
ERA 2.96
WHIP 1.166

Carlos Zambrano's career stats at