Tuesday Morning Headlines

Paul Sullivan is back, just in time to refer to the Prior/Wood Time Warp as a circus. I'm sorry, Mr. Sullivan, but you are wrong. Circuses have ponies, and clowns on unicycles, and elephants and people who get shot out of cannons. You can't just serve peanuts and call it a circus. Circuses are fun. This is mostly about pain. Remember: Circuses fun! Young, overhyped pitching talent painful!

And as a followup, Sully delivers this gem:

The Cubs' rotation has four starters with career highs of either 15 or 16 wins, so things should go smoothly if Rich Hill builds on his strong second half and the four veterans match their career-best seasons.

Well, so long as THAT'S all we need.

Also, Michael Wuertz has made the team. So it's a duel between Rocky Cherry and Angel Guzman for the long relief role. To think that Guzman hasn't pitched an inning since Lou said he'd get one more chance to earn the fifth starter gig.

But the Cubs do have an injured starter ready to return to glory. Of course, we poached him from the Astros. Silly Astros, this is why you keep your injured starters around. [Unless, apparently, they're Glendon Rusch.]

The other two will apparently be left behind in Arizona. I assume that means extended spring training, not being left out in the desert to die.

Michael Barrett likes the pitching we have left.

Daryle Ward was sick. Who knew?

And finally, Buck Coats needs to start reminding people that you don't have to choose between infielders and outfielders.

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