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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Giants at Scottsdale, Saturday 3/24, 3:05 CT

In yesterday's recap, I mentioned that Barry Zito would be facing the Cubs for the first time wearing a Giants uniform.

Had I gone back and read my own game thread from March 1, I would have learned that that statement was not true. Zito faced Jason Marquis that day, the first game of this spring. The Giants won that game 9-2; Zito threw two scoreless innings.

With a week to go in the spring, I'd think he'll go longer than that today. His Cub opponent will be Wade Miller, still the leading candidate for the fifth starter slot.

Meanwhile, Bruce Miles reports that Lou Piniella has specific ways in which he likes to prepare relievers for the season:

Piniella said getting relievers back-to-back outings was his way of getting a bullpen ready for a season.

"He shouldn't be questioning anybody, truthfully," Piniella said, without sounding like he was chiding Wood. "All I'm saying when we put the back-to-back and 2 innings, that's a proper way to get a bullpen prepared for the start of a baseball season.

"With Kerry, that hasn't been the game plan, obviously. The reason I say that is because he had a couple setbacks. If he hadn't had those setbacks, that would be the game plan."

Isn't it refreshing to see a manager who at least appears to know what he's doing?

There are multiple online media choices today; MLB.TV has the game, along with web audio from both WGN and the Giants' flagship station, KNBR. It'll also be on CSN Chicago.

And, if you have none of the above, there's always Gameday.

The Cubs lineup, which includes some interesting outfield choices today, goes like this (as ever, courtesy of Bruce Miles):

Soriano, CF
Theriot, LF
Lee, 1B
Ramirez, 3B
DeRosa, 2B
Floyd, RF
Blanco, C
Izturis, SS
Miller, P

Discuss amongst yourselves.