Sunday Morning Headlines

Where are our temper tantrums?!?

I like all this talk about walks; I'm somewhat less confident about all this talk about stealing.

Also, apparently you have to work hard and perform well to break camp with this team. Unless you're Neal Cotts.

And if Wood breaks camp with the team, Cotts will be our only long reliever. I think Hendry took filling the Glendon Rusch role on the squad a bit literally -- a lefty swingman with a 7+ ERA.

Wade Miller and Angel Guzman are making a case to stick with this team. Ah, the notion of surplus starting pitching.

Handicapping the Cy Young, just a BIT early.

Hmm... an article on Ryan Theriot. Lemme guess... he's amazingly plucky, wants to play as much as he can, and has a first basebase, second base, third base, shortstop and outfielder's glove in his locker. Is that about it?

Actually, no, there's a bit of new info here.

  • He was drafted the same year as Mark Prior. Back then, who knew, right?
  • He's stolen five of five bases. He's being regarded as a sleeper pick in roto leagues for some speed, if any of you out there are still compiling your fantasy baseball roster.
  • "A shortstop since he was a kid, Theriot feels most comfortable there." I'm just sayin'.
  • He's compared to Ryan Freel and Bill Hall.
  • "Theriot also is making sure to spend a lot of time in the outfield, and Piniella has played him in right this spring. He might be used there a lot of the time Jacque Jones is rested against tough left-handed pitchers." Yay!
  • In his never-ending quest for other people's playing time, he mentions getting a catcher's mitt. Excellent.
  • The Cubs and Rockies are reportedly still having trade talks about Clint Barmes.

    Across town, maybe someone should tell Jermaine Dye that now is not the best time to admit to recieving "pain relief cream samples" in the mail.

    And, Dayn Perry's latest masterpiece: "How do the A's and Twins keep winning?" Yeah, that sure is an interesting question. How do the A's, a team with so little money, keep winning baseball games? There should be a book about it. Oh, wait.

    I mean, it's only one of the most controversial baseball books of the last decade. It's widely read and even more widely discussed. And the entire premise of the book is how the A's can win on such a low budget. And you can't even find time in your busy schedule to name-drop it in your piece? Ah, Dayn.

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