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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Angels at Mesa, Sunday 3/25, 3:05 CT

In an unusual bit of ST scheduling, the Cubs are beginning their second consecutive "home-and-home" set with one team; having finished one with the Giants, they begin in Mesa with the Angels today, and will face them in Tempe tomorrow.

Last night in Scottsdale, I met, along with BCB readers jessica, jazzman56, SD Smooth Jazz Man, and dfrancon, for dinner with Bruce Miles. We all had a great time swapping baseball and other stories; Bruce, as you may know, grew up in the Chicago area as a fan like most of the rest of us, and so I think understands, perhaps more than many sportswriters, how we all feel about our team.

While we were waiting for a table, and then sitting waiting for the waitress, Bruce spotted Henry Blanco, who had just exited the restaurant across the hall and went into the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall, and also Ted Lilly, who was finishing up his meal at the Kona Grill, which was where we had our own dinner.

I hope Lilly's meal was a good one, because he'll be the starting pitcher today against the Angels; Ervin "The Other" Santana will go for the Los Angeles Angels of Tempe. Among relievers who will likely throw today for the Cubs, expect to see Neal Cotts. Cotts threw two innings at Fitch Park on Friday, but hasn't appeared in a major league game since March 19.

Here is the Cubs' lineup, courtesy of Bruce Miles:

Soriano, CF
Cedeno, 2B
Jones, RF
Floyd, DH
Ward, 1B
Barrett, C
Murton, LF
DeRosa, 3B
Izturis, SS

Lilly, P

I'm assuming that the Cubs are using the DH at the Angels' request and also to get Floyd some AB's.

Today's game will be available to just about all of you through WGN-TV; it's also on WGN Radio, and via the Mediacenter, on MLB.TV and two MLB Audio sources, WGN and the Angels flagship, KSPN.

And if you are just sitting at your computer with none of the above available to you, there's always Gameday.

As usual, cwyers has all of today's headlines in one convenient location.

Discuss amongst yourselves.