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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Royals at Mesa, Tuesday 3/27, 3:05 CT

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So what's new with Woodprior?

cwyers is absolutely right in his headline diary today -- let's stop talking about the Woodprior monster, because there are going to be 25 players on the Opening Day Cubs roster whose names are NOT "Kerry Wood" or "Mark Prior". Thus, the rest of this post will be a Woodprior-free zone.

There have been a couple of minor trades made in the last 24 hours: the Marlins got Jorge Julio from Arizona for Yusmeiro Petit, and Brady Clark goes to the Dodgers from Milwaukee in exchange for Elmer Dessens. About the first of those deals, the Marlins got what they wanted -- a major league experienced closer -- but I think in a couple of years they will really regret dealing Petit.

I mention these trades mostly because I think it's possible we'll see the Cubs make one, too, before this week is over. There are still rumors that the Marlins want Angel Pagan, and since he's not going to make the 25-man roster, why not? If he could bring a decent lower-level pitching prospect, it would be worth doing.

Remember Ria Cortesio, the female umpire I saw calling the game I saw at Fitch Park last Tuesday? She's going to be part of the crew at the final home game this spring at Ho Ho Kam Park, the game against the Diamondbacks on Thursday. Both Scott Eyre and Derrek Lee had good things to say about this:

Lee: "It's awesome. I think it's about time. Female eyes are as good as male eyes. Why can't they be umpires? Good for her."

Eyre: "She's doing our game? Oh, cool. How do I feel about it? I could care less. If she can call a game, she can call a game. If she rings somebody up for me, I don't care. You know what I mean? I wouldn't have a problem with it."

I wish Ria luck, and if she's good enough, I don't see any reason she couldn't be a major league umpire.

Meanwhile, today, Rich Hill will make his final spring start against the Royals' Jorge de la Rosa. The Royals are still a very bad team, but they also have some very good young players, including third baseman Alex Gordon and outfielder Billy Butler, that I'm hoping will play today -- I haven't seen either of them play before (except for a two-inning stint in the field last year by Gordon).

No TV today; MLB Audio has the game via the Royals' flagship station, WHB. Gameday

Finally, something I learned while I was looking up something else: Cliff Floyd's given first name is Cornelius. Who knew?

Discuss amongst yourselves.