Tuesday Morning Headlines -- Update on Prior to DL

Ok, guys, sing along to the tune of David Bowie's "Space Oddity":

This is Kerry Wood to the DL,
I'm prepping for rehab
And I'm pitching in a most familiar way
And my shoulder feels just the same today...

Chicagoland is blue, and there's nothing I can do.

Once again, Steve Rosenbloom complains about the continuing of the Wood/Prior drama. You want to stop the drama, Steve? There are 25 other players on the Cubs right now, as far as I can tell. Write about one of them.

And now, to take my own advice...

Big Z would rather not pitch for your "Yankees," as you won't allow him to swing the bat. But he would like his millions, please. Are you listening, Jim Hendry?

Lou apparently will also refer to Wade Miller as a "kid." Way to show your age, Lou.

He also gets the obsession with outs.

More roster cuts have come down the pike; Ronny Cedeno has survived. Apparently Lou Piniella doesn't think that having the best porn names in baseball mean much; Rocky Cherry is waiting in minor league camp to commiserate with Coats.

Also, Soriano isn't a morning person. I can't say that I care, exactly -- our last centerfielder was the first guy to the ballpark every morning, and if I had to see him ground out weakly up the righthand side one more time last year I think I would have lost it. Standup doubles, man! Standup doubles!

Cliff Floyd, recapturing his youth.

The Shark impresses one scout, who said "[T]hey had to get him back to the minor leagues to keep Lou (Piniella) from taking him north."

Update [2007-3-27 13:37:27 by cwyers]: Prior is expected to start the season either on the DL or at Iowa. I'm not sure how much of that is news; it would help greatly if the word "expected" was given a context -- expected by who? This is why the passive voice is evil. Also, this is confirmation in a major media outlet of the idea that Prior can be sent to the minors.

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