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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Rockies at Mesa, Wednesday 3/28, 3:05 CT

There will be one last gasp for the Woodprior Circus this afternoon at Mesa, as the Prior half of the tandem will make the start against the Rockies.

It'll be interesting, I suppose, but in the long run it doesn't matter. If he throws five perfect innings with fifteen strikeouts, he's still 99% certain to open the season in the rotation at Iowa. If he gets pounded by the Rockies' admittedly pretty good hitting lineup, he's still ... 99% certain to open the season in the rotation at Iowa.

And the rest of us will move on.

You may as well not bother clicking on this Mediacenter link, because there is no live audio or video for this afternoon's game. Instead, you'll have to trust the vagaries of Gameday.

Non-Cub baseball-related news today: former pitcher Ugueth Urbina won't be coming back to baseball. He'll be spending the next fourteen years in a Venezuelan prison. Wow.

And in San Francisco, they unveiled yesterday their new 103-foot-long hi-def scoreboard. As befits a team located near the Silicon Valley, the Giants have always been at the forefront of technology -- they were, for example, the first professional sports venue to provide free Wifi for fans, starting in 2004.

Discuss amongst yourselves.