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Do-It-Yourself Game Recap

I'm lazy this afternoon. Fill this one out yourself!

This afternoon at Phoenix Municipal Stadium, took the field and against . Wade Miller started and . Ryan Dempster and Les "Goo-Goo G'Joob" Walrond held off the A's in the 10th inning, and, thus, the A's, who had hits, and the Cubs, wound up in . Michael Barrett had a good day because he , and a number of miscellaneous minor leaguers pitched for the Cubs, including . Ryan O'Malley also threw today, and The Cubs played only two regulars, Barrett and Jacque Jones, because . Tomorrow, the Cubs will start on the mound against the White Sox. Manager Lou Piniella, when asked how he could get the Cubs on the winning track, said: . Today's MLB Audio broadcast, via the A's radio station, was . Finally, the biggest news from this afternoon's game is that .
Here's the boxscore, if you are truly interested.