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2007 Community Projections: Ted Lilly

Pictured above, ladies and gentlemen, is, for better or for worse, your #2 starter (at least for the time being).

Will he continue his career-long league-average performance (his career ERA+ is 99, almost exactly league average) -- or will he benefit from what we can term the Arroyo Effect, in other words, moving from a tough-hitting division (the AL East) to an easier one (the NL Central)?

I'm going to lean toward the latter, although maybe not quite as good as what happened to Bronson Arroyo with the Reds last year. Lilly won't hit like Arroyo either -- he's 1-for-23 lifetime (a single in his rookie year with the Expos) as a batter.

G 32
GS 32
IP 201
H 190
W 14
L 11
BB 90
SO 166
ERA 3.98
WHIP 1.393

Ted Lilly's career stats at

image Photoshopped by BCB reader madtown