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BCB Site Note

Here's a good story, from my flight last night to Chicago that was delayed over an hour (and thus, I didn't get home till after 12:30 am):

On the way to Phoenix, I got an Economy Plus seat on United. If I can get a seat in row #1, I'll take it, because that way I know for sure that no one is going to recline their seat and shove my knees up into my chest. Anyway, on that flight two weeks ago, I had seat #1A -- the one next to the window.

The overhead reading light didn't work. The flight attendant said she'd write it up.

Yesterday, I managed to get the same seat - #1A. Reached up to turn the light on -- didn't work. Must have been the same plane, and in two weeks, they didn't manage to replace a light bulb.

Anyway, just another humorous airline story for you. Meanwhile, the site note is this: today, Larry Borowsky, the excellent blogger at the SB Nation Cardinals site Viva El Birdos and I have agreed to exchange season-preview posts on our respective teams. So, about 1 pm CDT, there will be a post from Larry previewing the 2007 Cardinals here at BCB, and I'll be posting the same about the Cubs over at VEB. Be nice to him -- he's a friend, and one of the most knowledgeable baseball writers around. Fire away questions, but try to be respectful.

We can (and do) hate the Cardinals, but I think it's the best rivalry in sports.