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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Mariners at Las Vegas, Saturday 3/31, 3:05 CT

Today, at least according to the scoreboard, the Cubs are the home team. The Mediacenter has it listed that way, too -- but they did yesterday as well.

So, I guess we won't know for sure until game time. If the Cubs are in fact the "home" team, this Gameday link will work. If not, I'll have to get in here and edit it.

The game is also on CSN Chicago, and both teams' radio flagships.

Jason Marquis makes his final spring start, against the Mariners' Horacio Ramirez.

Here is the latest on the MLB-inDemand negotiations on the Extra Innings package, with a deadline (supposedly) of later today. According to the dateline of that link, that is really the "very latest" -- it's dated April 2, which is two days from now. Maybe I should email that site and see if they've got tonight's winning lottery numbers.

It's also down to the deadline for Carlos Zambrano and the Cubs to seal a five-year deal, since he says he won't negotiate after Opening Day. Positive signs were seen yesterday as Jim Hendry and Barry Praver, Z's agent, talked in Las Vegas both before and during last night's game. As always, we await developments.

Discuss amongst yourselves.