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Open Thread: Cubs vs. White Sox at Mesa, Sunday 3/4, 2:05 CT

What is it with some of the MSM?

Today's back page of the dead-tree edition of the Sun-Times featured the headline "Pierzynski-Barrett '07", as if this year will be a "continuation" of last year's incident. There's also an article in which Michael Barrett is quoted:

"I think that even at that point [in the immediate aftermath], it was something where we both understand the intensity level on the field,'"Barrett said. "It just happened to be in such a strong media market that it was hard for that to be downplayed.

"For both of us, I think it's something that was relatively easy to put behind us, just because we're both competitive guys and on-edge guys. So I'm looking forward and moving forward."

As far as I'm concerned, too, it's done. Finished. A new year. Besides, Barrett, having caught half of yesterday's game, may not even play today.

Rich Hill, as I mentioned in the Hill projection thread, will throw today, along with Juan Mateo and Scott Eyre, among others. Jon Garland throws for the White Sox.

The game is, as you know, on WGN-TV and radio, and also on MLB Audio (the WGN feed).

If you can't access any of the above, here's Gameday.

I don't have the lineup yet (as of 11:20 am CT), but if Bruce Miles sends it to me I'll post it, or perhaps he'll post it himself in the comments.

UPDATE [2007-3-4 15:49:33 by Al]: I'm going to see a movie this evening. When I get back I'll post a review, and a brief recap of this ... um, not so great game.

Discuss amongst yourselves.