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Mr. Irrelevant

That's the tag that, for many years, people have put on the man who was the last choice made in the NFL draft.

Today, it can be laid on Micah Hoffpauir (yes, that's spelled right), whose walkoff HR in Mesa gave the Cubs a 3-2 win over the Brewers.

Ugly? How about four errors, and getting out of a bases-loaded, one-out situation in the top of the ninth... for Les Walrond, someone whose chances of making the major league roster this year are about equal to mine.

I do like the fact that Lou Piniella is giving a lot of playing time to non-regulars. But at a certain point, Lou, you've got to start getting PT for players who are actually going to be competing for you in actual regular-season games this year. I realize it's only the first week of the spring, but this HR is likely to be the highlight of Hoffpauir's season (and probably in front of the largest crowd he'll see all year, too, 8,140).

Good today: Jason Marquis. Yes, you Marquis-doubters; he threw three scoreless innings and had his sinker working quite well. I know, I know, it's only a spring training game. But in Arizona, often a sinkerballer won't have good luck because of the thin(ner) air and hard fields, and so to have that working today is a good sign for Marquis.

Good today: Ryan Dempster, who threw a scoreless fourth inning. Why does a closer throw the fourth inning? Because in spring training, the early innings are the only time he's guaranteed to face major league hitters.

Good today: Derrek Lee had two hits.

Good today: Eric Patterson had two hits. Bad today: Eric Patterson made two errors. Time to work on your defense more, Eric.

Not so good today: Sean Gallagher gave up two walks, a hit and a run in his one inning pitched.

And thank heavens, tomorrow we don't have to listen to that Brewers song again. Tomorrow's game is an A's-only webcast.

A win is a win. But there is clearly work yet to be done. Onward.