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2007 Community Projections: Ryan Dempster

So -- does Dempster "get it"? Was last year the "real Dempster", or was it a fluke, with 2005 being more what we can expect?

Does he wind up in a setup role later in the year, with Kerry Wood moving in as closer? Or, does Wood pitch well enough to close and Dempster wind up being traded?

You decide.

I say he returns to near his 2005 level and keeps the closer job. Note the different categories for relief pitchers.

G 70
IP 76
H 70
BB 37
SO 72
W 2
L 3
ERA 2.47
WHIP 1.407
SV 35

This page shows Dempster's total stats as a relief pitcher in 2005 (from

Ryan Dempster's career stats at