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2007 Community Projections: Kerry Wood

Serendipity again -- I had planned all along to make Wood the last in the community projection series (he'll be the sixteenth player we project); as it turns out, today is also a day on which he'll pitch, his second appearance of the spring.

Here's hoping it'll turn out just as well as the first.

Many of you, I know, think he'll become the closer by the end of the season. I'm one of those who thinks being a closer is in his future, but not necessarily this season. I do think he'll have a spectacular year as a setup man:

G 63
IP 75
H 59
W 5
L 4
BB 30
SO 88
SV 4
ERA 2.32
WHIP 1.187

Kerry Wood's record as a relief pitcher in 2005 (from

Kerry Wood's career stats at

As noted above, this is the last in the projection series; I'll post all the final projections sometime over the weekend or early next week.