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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Padres at Mesa and Cubs vs. Rangers at Surprise, Friday 3/9, 2:05 CT

It's split-squad day, which means almost every one of the 58 players in camp (less a few pitchers who have either just thrown, or will tomorrow) ought to get some playing time today.

Here's the MLB Multimedia Guide for today. If you only have MLB Audio, you're shut out -- there is no radio coverage today. The game at Mesa, however, is on CSN Chicago and MLB.TV -- there is no coverage of the game at Surprise.

Lineup for the Mesa game, courtesy as always of Bruce Miles:

Soriano, CF
Izturis, SS
Lee, 1B
Ramirez, 3B
Jones, RF
Barrett, C
Coats, LF
Perez, 2B
Hill, P

Bruce also reports he saw Matt Murton and Ronny Cedeno board the bus to Surprise, so they'll probably be starting there, along with Neal Cotts, who will be the starting pitcher against the Rangers.

Cubs/Rangers Gameday link

Cubs/Padres Gameday link

Bob Feller is the second-oldest living Hall of Famer (after Phil Rizzuto, who probably shouldn't be there in the first place). He still attends Indians spring training every year, and a couple of days ago when they played the Yankees, the New York Times ran this article about Feller and his 15-year-old grandson Dan (free registration required). Fascinating reading, not only about the baseball side of it, but about Feller's service in World War II. The photo shows Dan Feller, who bears a striking resemblance to a young Bob Feller.

Discuss amongst yourselves.