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Sexist Post Of The Day

I'm either going to get flamed or praised for this one, so here goes nothing (as the saying goes -- is that enough clichés for you?).

In idly surfing around some of the SB Nation sites last night, I came across this post at the Nationals site Federal Baseball. Now, you'll see that it's filled with a tremendous number of statistics, most of which I -- and probably you, since it's not Cub stats -- don't care about. But I was drawn to the name "Jenn Lopez" in one of the first few paragraphs, and wondered what it was doing there.

As I learned by following that link, Jenn Lopez is the wife of Nationals SS Felipe Lopez. (See? There's a baseball connection to this after all!)

And as noted in the link above, she posed for a spread in the men's magazine FHM. The Washington Post writer says:

(I would provide a link to the FHM picture, but Steinberg still hasn't read my blog, realized I'm in desperate need of help and then provided said help. So you'll have to find it if it's out there. Good luck.)

I'm guessing Steinberg must be his editor. However, you don't have to spend you time googling for this. I have already done your work for you. I'd post the photo here, but there's the usual stuff about copyright violations, etc. It's just one click away. Here's the article, with a photo.

Jenn Lopez was described on one blog as being "hot like [Anna Benson] but without the annoying mouth."

The Lopezes do have fun with her name:

When I'm making a dinner reservation, I'll say it's for Jen Lopez and try to slip it by," says the 26-year-old Jennifer Lopez, wife of Nationals shortstop Felipe Lopez, at her Orlando, FL, home. "When people pick up on the name, though, they say, `We hoped you'd be the real Jennifer Lopez,' as if I'm the fake one."

OK, I'm done. I don't usually do this sort of thing, but in anticipation of today's split-squad games, there wasn't a whole lot else to write about. Flame away.