Wednesday Morning Heads

You're getting this early because, weather permitting, I'll be leaving early in the morning to go see beautiful Wrigley Field. I promise not to boo Jacque Jones; I make no guarantees about any of our relievers.

Scott Eyre says his newfound association with suck has nothing to do with Dusty Baker. Bob Howry said essentially the same thing yesterday. For now, Lou isn't giving either of them the Brad Lidge treatment.

Also, it seems like Floyd DID finally sneak up and steal Murton's plate appearances. Whaddya know.

The Wizard of Iz and Soriano both appear to be having problems with fielding the ball. Soriano can be excused, or moved to right, depending on how you feel about such things. Izturis, on the other hand, was brought in mainly because he's supposed to make those sorts of plays. If you would like your option for next year picked up, Izzy, you had better provide some evidence that you're better than Ronny Cedeno.

Rick Morrissey is right -- you cannot rearrange the whole baseball season because of one cold snap. I agree with Joe Sheehen of Baseball Prospectus; the problem isn't the cold, it's the unbalanced schedule making it hard to reschedule games that's the problem. [Subscription required.]

And if you think the weather's unseasonably chilly, you should see Lou's temper. I don't expect either to last, though.

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