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The Shortest Recap Ever, or Injury Day

I should be more effusive about the Cubs' solid 9-3 win over the Brewers this afternoon, but I am in a time bind due to:

  • the 1 hour, eleven minute rain delay;
  • the fact that when I got home, I had to spend some time rebooting the computer and DSL modem that run my network, and
  • I have to leave shortly for a Chicago DGA meeting.
Thus, on an afternoon where Jeff and I were both late and decided, along with a number of the other season ticket regulars, to hang out in the CF area with the group there near the concession stand (and of course, now they want us to sit there every day because the Cubs won), I'll just mention a few of the highlights of a game well-played.
  • Ryan Theriot got the leadoff slot, played a competent SS (four assists), and had two hits, two runs, and two RBI. I suppose those of you who have been clamoring for him to be put in this position, now will be satisfied, at least for a day. He's certainly earned a shot at keeping this job.
  • Derrek Lee hit his first HR of the year, a rocket into the LF bleachers. He also had two doubles and a single. I'm not the least bit worried about him.
  • I still don't understand the Lou fetish that has Cliff Floyd in the #2 slot, but it worked today; he had four hits and two RBI and played a pretty decent left field. He looks far better running than he did in spring training.
  • Ted Lilly threw seven very good innings, slipping a little bit in the fifth when he allowed the Brewers three hits and two runs. Bob Howry, who has been struggling, threw a good ninth inning to finish it out.
  • Felix Pie took a little ground ball past first base and turned it into a leg double. He may be the fastest man I have ever seen wear a Cubs uniform.
It rained hard all morning and was still misty-drizzling at game time, so they waited until 2:30 to start play, although had the game started in dry conditions and that misty-drizzle started falling during the game, they surely would have played through it. I was almost sure they'd call the game before the gates even opened, but they seemed bound and determined to keep the paid gate of 38,581 -- and there were a surprising number of people in the park. The bleachers were nearly full, and many school groups were spotted in attendance in the upper deck. I'd say, again, there were probably 20,000-22,000 in the house, but it emptied out after Michael Keaton (really, now, can't we at least keep the singers baseball-related?) sang "Take Me Out To The Ballgame".

That's really it -- it felt much colder than the 44 degree game time temperature, although sitting in CF (not the upper CF level, but down near the concession stand), blocked from the northeast wind, at least you don't have that biting into your face.

Does this game solve everything? Well, of course it doesn't. But I imagine the plane ride to St. Louis will be quite a bit happier than it otherwise might have been.

About the second part of the title of this post: you already know about Mark Prior's labrum surgery today; there are several good diaries on the topic. Not only will he miss the rest of this year, but I'd bet he'll miss most or all of 2008 as well. It's too bad, because had he had this surgery a year ago, he could have rescued an extra year's worth of his career.

Also, the Brewers' chances of making the playoffs took a blow today when starter Ben Sheets left the game with a groin injury, apparently sustained when he tagged Ryan Theriot out after Theriot ill-advisedly tried to take third base in the bottom of the third inning.

And if that wasn't bad enough for the Brewers, their manager, Ned Yost, broke his collarbone yesterday while making a run near Wrigley Field:

Yost said he was finishing a run from Lake Michigan on Tuesday when his foot got caught in uneven pavement. He tried to balance himself but fell headfirst, injuring his right collarbone, bruising his hip and scraping his shin.

Everyone stay healthy here; I've got a few fun features to share on tomorrow's off day, and Friday morning before the game in St. Louis. Till then.