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Mitzvah Project, Part Deux

One of my daughter Rachel's best friends is a girl named Jenna, who is being Bat Mitzvahed this August.

She's a huge Cubs fan -- I swear, this kid has more Cubs clothes than I do -- and has managed to obtain a large collection of autographed baseballs, largely due to patiently waiting, along with her mom, for both Cubs and visiting players to sign for her.

One of the things that a young person who is about to be Bar or Bat Mitzvah does, in preparation, is a "Mitzvah Project" -- giving something of himself or herself to benefit the community. Last August, I posted about Jenna's first eBay auction of baseballs; some of you bid on them and won, and as a result, Jenna raised $3500 for various charitable organizations.

The first auction was so successful that she's doing a second one, starting next Tuesday. I'll let her tell you about it in her own words:

You may remember that last summer I had an auction on eBay to raise money for Cubs Care, CHADD, and Keshet, a school that provides educational and recreational programs for kids with special needs like Autism. I'm proud to say that I made $3,500. Because of this auction, my name was on the scoreboard at Wrigley Field before a game. Also, I got to go on the field and meet my favorite player Scott Eyre in the dugout.

So many people said they loved the auction or missed the auction and hoped I'd have another. So, since the last auction I have been sending letters to players and teams asking for memorabilia. I think this auction will be better than ever. This time I have amazing hard-to-get autographs, including Hall of Famers. I even have tickets to the Cubs-Sox game at US Cellular. BEST OF ALL, a special friend donated a football signed by the ENTIRE SUPER BOWL BEARS TEAM OF 2006-2007. This is something all sports fans need in their collection!

All the proceeds from my auction go to Keshet. I am hoping to raise enough money to sponsor all the Back to School Kits for the kids at Keshet. The auction will begin on May 1, 2007 and will run for 7 days on eBay ending at varying times on May 8, 2007.

I have been assured by Jenna and her mom that if you click on this link in the next day or so, you'll get to a page where you can see all these auctions. This is all for a great cause, and I hope you'll check them out and bid if you're interested.