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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Cardinals, Saturday 4/28, 2:55 CT

This well-dressed Fox executive is the guy who's in charge of deciding which areas of the country get which ballgame for the Fox regional telecasts.

You can guess, but your guess isn't going to make any sense, so "checking your local listings", or just turning on your local Fox station at game time (who came up with "2:55", anyway?) will be the only way to get your answer.

The same matchups as last Saturday -- Red Sox/Yankees and Cubs/Cardinals -- will be the only games featured by Fox today. Last week, 70% of the country got the East Coast matchup; I'd expect it to be a similar breakdown today.

Just as some examples of how stupid this scheduling is, the Los Angeles, San Diego and SF Bay areas are getting the Red Sox/Yankees game; Phoenix gets the Cubs/Cardinals, but Las Vegas gets the Red Sox/Yankees. The Houston area, a NL Central market, gets the Cubs/Cardinals, but Denver, another NL market, gets the Red Sox/Yankees, as does NL city Atlanta. Kansas City, however, which has an AL team (sort of, anyway), gets the Cubs/Cardinals, but Minneapolis/St. Paul gets the Red Sox/Yankees. Cincinnati, in the NL Central with the Cubs and Cardinals, gets the Red Sox/Yankees, as does Pittsburgh.

Thank you, Mr. Wizard!

So you're probably out of luck unless you're in Chicago or St. Louis or somewhere near there where you can run tin cans and string, but here's the Mediacenter anyway.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Carlos Zambrano
C. Zambrano
vs. Adam Wainwright
A. Wainwright
1-2 W-L 1-0
6.91 ERA 5.04
23 SO 19
19 BB 13
7 HR 3
vs. StL -- vs. Cubs
The Cubs have now won two in a row for only the second time all year. While it may seem as if they have been "buried", five games out in the mediocre NL Central is nothing. A win today would put them in third place, tied with the Cardinals. Time for Z to step up and be the #1 starter that, so far, Ted Lilly and Rich Hill have been. Gameday

Discuss amongst yourselves.