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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Pirates, Monday 4/30, 6:05 CT

The season resumes -- and doesn't that sound odd? but that's the way it feels, doesn't it, after yesterday's postponement? -- tonight in Pittsburgh.

Among the weird stats of the year so far: the Cubs have used 18 different lineups in the 23 games, including having a different one from the day before, in each of the last 13 contests. This isn't likely to change, what with the three-headed monster in right field.

Stat note: Derrek Lee, coming into the last game of April hitting .391 (second in the NL to Matt Holliday, .394), has the second-highest April batting average of any Cub in the last fifty years.

Guess who had the highest? That's right, the very same Derrek Lee, .419 in April 2005. I think we'd all be very happy if he came close to his 2005 production.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Rich Hill
R. Hill
vs. Zach Duke
Z. Duke
3-1 W-L 1-2
1.57 ERA 6.92
23 SO 6
10 BB 5
1 HR 3
vs. Pit -- vs. Cubs
Duke has a better record vs. the Cubs than against any other ML team -- 4-1 in six starts, with a 1.40 ERA, and his only major league shutout, last May 2 at Wrigley Field. But this year, Duke has made five starts -- good in his first two, and in his latest one, but in between he got absolutely pounded by the Giants and Brewers, resulting in that unsightly ERA. He struck out five in his second start of the year vs. the Reds -- but has had only one other K in his other four outings combined. That has to be cause for worry for the Pirates.

Rich Hill came down to Earth a bit in his last start, but didn't pitch too badly (4 ER in 6.2 IP). He has faced the Pirates twice in his career, defeating them last August 6 at Wrigley Field, his only decision vs. them so far.

Time to get a real winning streak going.

People make fun of those who wear tinfoil hats, but maybe if you wore one today you could pick up a signal from WCIU for the telecast. Just a thought -- or try the Mediacenter instead. Gameday

UPDATE [2007-4-30 17:57:29 by Al]: I am remiss in not mentioning this. For the Pirates fan point of view, please check out our SBNation Pirates site, Bucs Dugout.

Discuss amongst yourselves.