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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Astros, Monday 4/9, 1:20 CT

Today, it doesn't matter how cold it is.

Well, yes it does, but it's still Opening Day at Wrigley Field. This forecast says it'll be mostly cloudy and 42. This one says we may have some snow flurries. At least it won't be like it's been in Cleveland, where the entire first home series was postponed due to heavy snow. What this will likely do is have the schedulemakers avoid playing home games in Cleveland the first week of 2008 -- and then, of course, it'll probably be in the 70's there next early April.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Ted Lilly
T. Lilly
vs. Woody Williams
W. Williams
1-0 W-L 0-1
1.29 ERA 5.79
9 SO 0
1 BB 2
0 HR 0
vs. Hou -- vs. Cubs
Lilly has faced only a few of the Astros, mostly in interleague play. Mark Loretta is 5-for-14 with 2 HR off him, but he's handled Cub-killer Carlos Lee well -- 2-for-14.

Expect Cliff Floyd to perhaps get the start in LF today, as he has pounded Williams during their matchups: 14-for-30 (.467) with two doubles and two HR. Williams is 40, although he seems older. He was a member of the 1993 Blue Jays, who won the World Series, though he wasn't on their postseason roster. Among his teammates that year, his rookie year, were Jack Morris, Paul Molitor and Joe Carter.

The Astros have gotten off to a slow start, and got beaten up pretty badly by the Cardinals over the weekend -- a team that had been outscored 20-2 in its own opening series. With the cold weather today, expect it to be a pitcher's day.

The Mediacenter has the usual availabilities; the game is also on WGN-TV, and FSN Houston, the normal local radio outlets and XM 185. Gameday

And, as of posting time there appear to be some tickets still available, including bleachers. The Cubs had a losing record -- 36-45 -- at home last year. Time to start changing that.

Discuss amongst yourselves.