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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Phillies, Friday 5/11, 6:05 CT

If you saw Baseball Tonight last night you know this already -- I missed this, and Mike emailed me this curiosity:

Wednesday night was the first time in the history of Wrigley Field that the Cubs won a 1-0 game, with the only run a first-inning homer.
A bit of trivia, yet astounding anyway. This is the 92nd year the Cubs have played at Wrigley Field; I don't have an exact count, but a quick estimate shows there have been over 7,000 games played there since the Cubs moved there from West Side Grounds in 1916. You'd think there would have been at least one other such game.

Yet another thing that makes baseball the game we all love -- its history and lore.

Another note: Derrek Lee's on-base streak is at 32 games, every game this year. The National League record for such things is 58 -- set by Duke Snider in 1954, tied by Barry Bonds in 2003. That's still almost a month's worth of games away, but it bears watching. The next significant milestone for Derrek is 43 games -- that's the longest such streak for a Cub in the last 50 years, set by Jerome Walton from July 21-September 4, 1989.

Hey, remember Juan Pierre? Yeah, I know, I wanted to forget him too. I forgot to mention this the other day -- I spotted someone in the bleachers with a PIERRE 9 jersey on which he had blocked off the letters "RRE" with blue tape, and taped the number "17" over the number "9". Guess someone forgot to tell him that Felix Pie had changed his number.

Anyway, the reason I bring up last year's centerfielder is this. Absolutely hilarious. Hat tip to my friend Rob at 6-4-2.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Rich Hill
R. Hill
vs. Cole Hamels
C. Hamels
4-1 W-L 4-1
1.73 ERA 3.59
33 SO 52
12 BB 14
3 HR 5
vs. Phi -- vs. Cubs
You'd never have thought this possible a year ago, but this is one of the better pitching matchups of the season so far. Hill has been outstanding, keeping the Cubs in games even when he hasn't had his best stuff, and when he has, he's been almost unhittable. He has faced the Phillies only once; both Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley homered off him, last August 21, but the Cubs lost that game primarily because a Ronny Cedeno error led to three unearned runs.

Cole Hamels, who is only 23, came to the majors highly touted and was inconsistent in 2006. This year he is second in the NL in strikeouts, a frightening proposition given the propensity of this Cub team to K; Alfonso Soriano, one of the bigger strikeout culprits, has struck out three times in 12 career AB vs. Hamels -- but also homered twice.

The Phillies got off to a bad start but have won seven of their last nine; despite losing two of three to the Pirates, the Cubs have won nine of their last twelve.

Today's game is relegated to CSN+, which means if you don't have CLTV in the Chicago area, you won't be able to see it. The game IS listed on inDemand's list of Extra Innings games (some Philadelphia games aren't), so if you have EI you should be able to see it. It's also at the Mediacenter. Gameday -- 2007 version

If for some reason you want a nostagic look, or if your computer can't handle the 2007 version, here's the 2006 version of Gameday for tonight's game.

And for the Phillies fan's point of view, check out our SB Nation site The Good Phight.

Discuss amongst yourselves.