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Tuesday Morning Headlines

Read any good books lately? Nope, me either.

Seen any good movies lately? Nope, me either.

Thus, two good old standby features here at BCB -- the book review and the movie review -- have to be on hiatus, because I've got none to write. That'd be good filler this morning; there are still about 12 hours till tonight's game, and thus, I am going to attempt -- since BCB reader cwyers likely still has his hands full with his new baby -- to replicate the good work he was doing with the headline summary of the day.

Rolling my sleeves up electronically:

Some of the Cubs' team numbers are good. And some aren't.

Cliff Floyd wants back in the lineup. He said:

"When it warms up, a lot of guys will be playing a lot more. I don't think it will be like a who's hot, who's not type of deal. I think it will be if I'm supposed to play, I'll play."

I dunno. Maybe Cliff's figured out a way for more than one player to play right field at the same time.

Look! There will be a Wade Miller sighting tonight in San Diego! But is he going to be the new fifth starter when Angel Guzman makes his expected move back to the bullpen? Or is it going to be Sean Marshall? And who goes? Neal Cotts to AAA? Or Scott Eyre to the DL?

Andy Masur is enjoying his San Diego radio job. He doesn't say whether he enjoys Jerry Coleman's malapropisms.

Our favorite Muskat has this gem today:

Cubs manager Lou Piniella does like hard-throwing pitchers in that role [bullpen]. Is this the right time to experiment? That's Piniella's call.
Thanks, Carrie.

SBNation podcast note:

Tonight's podcast will feature editor Will Leitch as a guest, talking about the pus-filled wound to sports that is ESPN, Brady Quinn wedding photos, and the growing number of sports-humor blogs on the Internets. We're also talking Brewers baseball, the stupor that is the NBA Conference Finals, and we continue to stick to our ban of Yankees coverage until they prove they are a real baseball team.

All that and more tonight on the SB Nation Sports Report, 8 pm Central time at, immediately following EDSBS Live, featuring Peter Bean and Orson Swindle.

BCB site note: it's been mentioned here before, and to me in email, that game photos would enhance the coverage. I agree. I don't always remember to bring my camera to the game. For ANY of you who do bring cameras to games you attend, home or road, and have good sightlines and can get good photos, action or otherwise: if you email me the photos, and they go well with any posts I make, I'll post them, with proper credit to you.