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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Pirates, Wednesday 5/9, 7:05 CT

The last time the Cubs played a game as long as last night's, before last night, was the 18-inning marathon in Houston last August 15.

The next day, as you surely all remember, Ryan O'Malley was driven by limo to Houston to start, as the entire pitching staff had been used the night before (including two pitchers, Carlos Zambrano and Carlos Marmol, who pinch-hit and didn't pitch). The result was O'Malley's masterpiece, 8 innings of shutout ball in a 1-0 win.

I'm not suggesting that Jason Marquis can match that tonight, although given his excellent start this year, it's not impossible. But what we are likely to see, given tired ballplayers, is a quickly-paced, low-scoring game.

Which would be just fine with me.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Jason Marquis
J. Marquis
vs. Tom Gorzelanny
T. Gorzelanny
4-1 W-L 4-1
2.09 ERA 2.97
19 SO 24
13 BB 11
2 HR 1
vs. Pit -- vs. Cubs
Tom Gorzelanny is a native of Orland Park and attended Marist High School and Triton Junior College, from which he was the Pirates' 2nd round draft pick in 2003. Thus he's sure to have a ton of friends and family in the stands watching him tonight. Time to send them home unhappy.

Marquis threw his best start of the year a week ago in Pittsburgh, allowing five hits, one run and no walks. A repeat would be very nice; Jason Bay is the guy to watch out for vs. Marquis (lifetime: 13-for-27, 4 doubles, a triple, 4 HR, .481/.545/1.148).

CSN Chicago, FSN Pittsburgh (and thus Extra Innings), and the Mediacenter are the places to find the broadcasts and telecasts; otherwise there's always Gameday.

Discuss amongst yourselves.