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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Rockies, Monday 6/25, 7:05 CT

At this writing, Jacque Jones is still a Cub and there are there are still 11 pitchers on the 25-man roster. I'd expect this to change by game time. So, let's look at something really weird:

(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

I'm sorry, but that is, hands down, the ugliest uniform in baseball today, and we're likely to see it at least a couple of times this week. What, is Brian Fuentes going to put on a space helmet and head up in the shuttle? Looks like a bad version of an old Flash Gordon uniform.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Jason Marquis
J. Marquis
vs. Jeff Francis
J. Francis
5-4 W-L 7-5
3.38 ERA 3.44
49 SO 68
35 BB 27
9 HR 9
vs. Col -- vs. Cubs
In 8 starts since his last win, Jason Marquis has been pretty bad -- 0-3 with a 5.36 ERA, which has all the naysayers saying they were right about him. I say the jury's still out -- if he could finish the year with 7-8 more wins and an ERA even half a run higher than what he shows now, it'd be a successful year.

But he'd better start righting the ship NOW.

Jeff Francis is for real -- this highly touted #1 draft pick has a chance to become only the third starting pitcher in Rockies history to complete an entire season with an ERA under 4.00. If his history vs. the Cubs is any indication, we can ship that 3.44 ERA quite a distance north tonight -- in three career starts vs. the Cubs, Francis has no decisions, but a 9.19 ERA.

Today's game is cable-and-EI-only; for more choices check the Mediacenter. Gameday (2007 version) Gameday (2006 version)

Discuss amongst yourselves.