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Changing The Subject...

... I'm tired of discussing Lou Piniella's tirade; we'll find out soon enough what further punishment, if any, will be meted out by the commissioner's office.

Till then, two quick notes:

  • the starting time for the June 30 game vs. Milwaukee has been changed from 12:05 to 2:55. Fox has decided that the Cubs and Brewers are regional-telecast-worthy. For that matter, five of the seven games on the road trip that starts tonight will be nationally televised (Tuesday & Wednesday on WGN; Friday on TBS; Saturday on WGN; Sunday on ESPN).
  • Would you take a chance on Jay Witasick for the bullpen? He was just DFA'd by Oakland. Granted, his numbers this year aren't that great -- but neither are the numbers put up by the Cubs bullpen.
Have at it.