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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Braves, Thursday 6/7, 6:35 CT

I'm posting this game thread early this afternoon because in a couple of hours, I'll be getting on a plane and heading to Atlanta. I won't make it in time for tonight's game, but I will be at the Ted for the rest of the series. I know quite a number of you will be there -- if you are going, please email me using the link on the right sidebar so we can meet up at the game.

Rematch time! This pitching matchup is the same as last Saturday's at Wrigley Field. I thank the teams for saving me editing time.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Rich Hill
R. Hill
vs. Chuck James
C. James
4-4 W-L 5-4
2.89 ERA 3.78
63 SO 51
24 BB 28
10 HR 9
vs. Atl -- vs. Cubs
Here's the boxscore from the matchup between Hill and James last Saturday. Hill threw well in a losing effort.

Note: I have had several requests that, if possible, I add the NL Central standings to the sidebar. Ask and you shall receive (well, most of the time, if I can do it, anyway). Hope you like it.

Finally today, I have good news to report regarding Howard and his cowbell, "banned" from the bleachers on Sunday. Due to the efforts of several season ticket holders who contacted Paul Rathje, director of stadium operations, Howard can bring -- and ring -- his cowbell any time.

Today's game is local-cable only: CSN and Sports South. It'll be on EI and at the Mediacenter. Gameday (2007 version) Gameday (2006 version)

Discuss amongst yourselves.