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All-Star Game Open Thread, Tuesday 7/10, 7 pm CT

Last year, of the All-Star starting lineups, I wrote:

For those of you who think that baseball doesn't change much from year to year, or that fans keep voting in players because they're "popular", the All-Star starting lineups are an education.

Of the sixteen starting position players, only five return from 2005 -- Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Vladimir Guerrero, Albert Pujols and Carlos Beltran. And Ortiz and Pujols were their league DH's last year.

In this year's game, the AL fans voted in nearly the same starting lineup -- only Placido Polanco and Magglio Ordonez, both from the defending AL champion Tigers, are new. The NL lineup, on the other hand, returns only two starters from 2006: Mets Carlos Beltran and David Wright.

And once again, I get on my soapbox: if ANY game calls for the use of the DH, this one does. No pitcher will ever bat in an All-Star Game, so why not just use the DH? This would help eliminate problems like they had in 2002, running out of players.

All-Star Starting Pitchers
Dan Haren
D. Haren
vs. Jake Peavy
J. Peavy
10-3 W-L 9-3
2.30 ERA 2.19
101 SO 125
32 BB 34
11 HR 3

All-Star Starting Lineups
Suzuki, cf Reyes, ss
Jeter, ss Bonds, lf
Ortiz, 1b Beltran, cf
A. Rodriguez, 3b Griffey, rf
Guerrero, rf Wright, 3b
Ordonez, lf Fielder, 1b
I. Rodriguez, c Martin, c
Polanco, 2b Utley, 2b
Haren, p Peavy, p

I don't have anything to say about the HR Derby; in fact, I watched very little of it. However, I did think the black jerseys were pretty cool-looking and the orange jerseys aren't:

(AP Photo/ Eric Risberg)

However, what I noticed most about those jerseys, as you can see above, is that the lettering and numbering font style is identical to the one used by the Cubs, rather than the host-team Giants, as seen below:

(AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari)

The game's on Fox. Thus, if you want to avoid Joe Buck & Tim McCarver & the 1,157 dugout reporters, you can turn the sound off, or "check local listings" for a radio affiliate. Here's the Mediacenter link for those of you with MLB.TV or MLB Audio. Gameday (2007 version) Gameday (2006 version)

Incidentally, unlike regular season games, the All-Star Gameday links are already up. You'll find it amusing to see that Roy Oswalt is currently listed in the defensive diagram at 3B and Brad Penny in CF, and Bobby Jenks is hitting cleanup for the AL and playing SS. Check quickly, because they'll probably change that soon.

Discuss amongst yourselves.