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Facts, Opinions And A Quiz

Here, this ought to keep you all occupied until tonight's game:

Quiz time! Here are the NL Central standings as of this morning, with the team names removed. There's a reason for this, as you'll see:

W L GB 47 34 --- 40 40 6.5 36 42 9.5 35 46 12.0 35 47 12.5 31 51 16.5
OK, got that? Here are two other divisional standings from this date in baseball history:
W L GB 47 25 --- 42 33 6.5 41 32 6.5 39 35 9.0 32 42 16.0 31 45 18.0

W L GB 48 33 --- 37 38 8.0 36 39 9.0 36 40 9.5 34 39 10.0 33 40 11.0
OK, here's your assignment: What divisions and years are those from, and which teams won? I'm leaving the answer in the comments, so don't cheat and look before you guess!

FACT: Ex-Cub pitcher John Koronka DFA'd by the Rangers -- and replaced on the roster by Desi Relaford!

OPINION: For all of you who overvalue Cub prospects, Koronka never was one. Yeah, maybe Jim Hendry could have gotten more than Freddie Bynum in return, but Koronka's a never-was. (Desi Relaford? Wow.)

FACT: Barry Bonds elected to NL All-Star starting team.

OPINION: Reasonable people can disagree about whether Bonds deserves to be on the team or not. That's not my point here -- what I'd like to ask, especially on contentious issues like this, is that you treat other posters with respect. There was some name-calling over this issue in the comments last night. Disagree, argue vehemently, state your position. But please refrain from calling other posters "idiots". Thanks.

FACT: The complete resurfacing of Wrigley Field, originally scheduled to be done this offseason, is now on hold.

OPINION: This is ridiculous; the article says it's being held up because of the uncertainty about the sale of the team. For a job costing $1 million, less than 1/3 of Scott Eyre's contract? And according to the article, "the permit process required for the work was under way, with the plans allowing options to add up to two rows of seating from dugout to dugout -- premium sections that likely would recoup the cost of the project in as little as a year." So why the holdup, especially since the field is likely to be in poor shape after the Police concerts?

FACT: Alex Rodriguez's wife wore an X-rated T-shirt to Yankee Stadium on Sunday, in the company of her two-year-old daughter.

OPINION: These two appear to deserve each other.

FACT: Last night, on Baseball Tonight on ESPN, they were discussing how much of the AL All-Star starting team is foreign-born, and then followed up by saying, "There are more Americans on the NL team, beginning with Russell Martin." Martin's from Canada.

OPINION: Yet another example of bigtime media not doing simple fact-checking.