Ryan Theriot becoming a favorite of mine.

Ryan Theriot seems to find someway to impress me each and every game and it all starts with the little things. Ryan doesn't try to be the "hero" everytime he approachs the plate. Instead the man trys to find anyway he can possibly get on base.

 First off, we all know that Theriot is going to be the last guy of resort towards power and he even knows that himself. Theriot reminds me of a David Eckstein type though. You know the scrappy type of player that does the little things such as getting on base, stealing bases, setting up possible runs, and making contact.

Ryan has an excellent glove by the way and I just think that it might be time to part with Ronny Cedeno via trade and stick to having Ryan Theriot as are everyday shortstop. The guy comes to play everyday and he might not stick out huge on the boxscore at the end of the game but if you take the time too just watch the way that he plays his game you will understand where I am coming from.

I don't know if any of you realize the way he has started such rallies with just making contact and not trying to hit the damn ball over the fence everytime he gets up.

For example, If you didn't watch tonights game against St. Louis
Ryan Theriot did pretty much what I stated about him. In the top of the seventh with 2 outs and nobody on, Theriot just makes contact and just happens to be hit towards Gold Glover 3rd Baseman Scott Rolen.

 A rare error occuring by Rolen ends up continuing  the 7th and he ends up coming around to score on an Aramis Ramirez 2 out single to make it 3-2 now.

 Last, to go into the top of the ninth with two outs again, Theriot drawls a walk. Now with him on first base he decides to steal second and has converted 17 out of 20 times on the year for stolen bases. With that he set up a chance to go up by two and with the scrappy play of Theriot it turned up to be huge.

Derek Lee ended up connecting on a two out single which allowed Theriot to score and now the Cubs be up against the Cardinals 4-2.

With that run it turned out to be monumental towards the outcome of the game and the Cubs ended up winning 4-3 with the almighty Albert Pujols grounding out to...

Obviously, Ryan makes a great number two hitter and possibly a leadoff hitter. Personally I would rather see him leading off with Alfonso Soriano batting second because I like to see a number two hitter with power.

I just love the way the guy plays because of his desire to be on the field and the way he hustles on every play.

Feel free to comment as I am anxious to know what my fellow Cubs fans think.

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