Up Close & Personal in RFK

Well, to make this short and quick without any background info, I'm in D.C. for the summer and got the lucky chance to see the Cubs play at RFK. Couple notes that I thought were worth mentioning:

  • RFK stadium is horrendous. Honestly, it's like a hole with walls. I have no idea how a baseball team can actually play there.
  • There were more Cubs fans than Nats fans, which I thought was surprising. I know in San Diego, where I lived for ~11 years, had a plethora of Northsiders. But damn, there were alot today, especially when Nats fans started to leave in the dozens after the seventh inning and most Cubs stayed glued to their seats.
  • Ted Lilly was great tonight. He got in a little bit of trouble in the 1st(5th and 6th), with Bowen having to come and talk to him on the mound, but for the most part he was great. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come!
  • Mark DeRosa is a beast. I have to agree with Al that he's becoming a great asset to the Cubs, and also had a very slick play at 2nd.
  • Mike Fontenot didn't start, which blackened my heart. Can anyone add some insight to this?
  • Billy Petrick was equally amazing. He was topping off at 94 MPH from RFKs' measure, and he was throwing some nasty stuff. Hopefully he keeps this up.
  • The Metro station were giving Cubs chants like no other. Oh, how nice it is to see Nationals fans be so mad and quiet at the same time.
  • I started chanting "Cubs win! Cubs win!" after the 5-4-3 to end the game. A Nats fan then muttered
  • "When was the last time the Cubs won the WS,"

    to which I replied

    "Oh, when was the last time the Nationals won the World Series, buddy?"

    --silence, blank stare--



    Onward to tomorrow!

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