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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Nationals, Tuesday 7/3, 6:05 CT

What a difference a year makes. Comparisons at the 81-game mark from 2006 to 2007, in addition to nine more wins:

Team BA: .264 (2006); .270 (2007)
Team OBA (this means you, Dusty): .314(2006), .329 (2007)
Team SLG: .402 (2006); .419 (2007)
Team ERA: 4.93 (2006); 3.94 (2007)

Let's stop right there. Team ERA a full run lower -- that's a big part of the reason this team's doing so well, and almost all of that is accountable to the starters, who are at 3.89 this year compared to 5.33 at the same time a year ago.

Keep up the good work!

Today's Starting Pitchers
Carlos Zambrano
C. Zambrano
vs. Tim Redding
T. Redding
9-6 W-L making
4.20 ERA his
94 SO 2007
47 BB season
16 HR debut
vs. Was -- vs. Cubs
Z gave up four runs in the first inning to the Nats at Wrigley Field on May 4, but the Cubs won anyway, 6-4. Z's been great his last few starts and is almost unbeatable on the road: in his last 20 road starts dating back to last year, he's 15-2 with a 2.92 ERA. No one on the Nats hits him particularly well, though Felipe Lopez has a couple of HR and five walks in 30 PA.

Tim Redding. Hey, nice beard, fella.

Several of you complained about the Nats announcers in yesterday's game thread. Thus, you will be happy to see today's (and tomorrow, too) game on WGN. It's also at the Mediacenter. Gameday (2007 version) Gameday (2006 version)

Discuss amongst yourselves.