The Last Hoorah at RFK

Well, this was unfortunately my last day seeing the Cubs cross into the District of Columbia, after a much-entertaining 4-game series, as they came to play the Nationals. Just a little disclaimer, so hopefully none of the other faithful posters take it as an insult: I like to joke. It's baseball! Have fun with it. Here were some quick thoughts about the series finale:

  • Daryle Ward can eat me in one bite. And Dmitri Young would just need to inhale me, with no proper swallowing or gulps. I'm really not kidding.
  • Honestly though, he had some laser shots that went deep, and obviously had some crucial hits. I'm warming up to him, honestly, as much as I am with DeRosa(and I thought those two signings were horrible in the offseason. I'm a little dense). It was a little funny to see Fontenot scoop up a ground ball, and wait a half-second for Ward to wobble onto first.
  • Koyie Hill seems to know how to calm his pitchers down. Who knows what he said to Marshall when he was in a couple jams, but it seemed to have worked for the most part.
  • Cesar Izturis started today, which seemed to have been the theme today for Piniella's scheme to get all the LH batters to start. I'm not sure he made much of an impact, though. He didn't have any good defensive stops to my recollection, nor did he do that well at the plate(went 0-4, and the total pitch count for each was 6,3,2, and 4). But I'm also not so sure whether or not Theriot would have been all that better. I do know, however, that I'm glad that Piniella seems to be trying to catch the other pitchers off-guard by switching it up a bit, with the plentiful left-handed batters today.
  • Ramirez seemed to be inside Jason Bergmann's head all day today, especially in the fourth. Correct me if I'm wrong(for those who were there also), but I remember Ramirez consistently fouling off pitches from Bergmann, and without a blink's notice, was already into his batting stance, staring down Bergmann from the plate. Schneider tried to talk him down by going to the pitchers' mound... didn't seem to work.
  • Cliff Floyd honestly seems to be a sucker for drama. He dived for a ball today and missed it, and got up pretty slowly. Dude, if you're hurt, get up and walk it off. If it hurts to get up, then just stay down. Do you really need to wince in pain for the oohs and aahs of the crowd, and then look seemingly alright for the rest of the game? Come on, Cornelius.
  • What I didn't really like about Piniella's starting lineup today, however, was Jacque Jones playing in CF, and not Pie. He doesn't have the better arm, he isn't as fast as him, so why not place Pie in the starting lineup? He can't be that much worse on offense than Jones. Anyone understand this move?
  • Marmol was throwing heat right when he got on the mound. I look up, and see his total pitch count is 9 strikes, and 1 ball total. I say to the others "Man, who needs another pitcher when we have Marmol lighting it up like this." Then he fills up the bases. My bad.
  • The seats started to get empty by the end of the 8th. It was me, 3 other Cubs fans, and a Nats fan/college roomate, Alex, who were together. Once they start leaving, a firefighter bell starts ringing in the ballpark. I give off a little chuckle, and Alex says, with a sigh: "I guess they really think there's a fire in the park." HIYO!
  • Go Cubs, and from here on in(especially the series they start Friday) Go Nationals!!

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