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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Rockies, Sunday 8/12, 2:05 CT

As we discussed yesterday, there's no Scott Podsednik to the Cubs deal. Never was, in fact, despite the headline on that link, which reads: "Rumored deal for Podsednik dead". The article explains:

One source suggested the chances were never better than "one in a thousand" from the outset.
Exactly. So don't believe everything you hear on sports talk radio. Or read. Consider this article by Gordon Wittenmyer in today's Sun-Times, which discusses Lou Piniella's idea to use Ryan Dempster in situations other than closing, to get him some more consistent work, and then says:
The move could be a precursor to Piniella moving Dempster to the starting rotation, possibly next spring, as he planned to in May, with Marmol getting a shot at closer.
That's directly contradicted by this interview Wittenmyer conducted last Friday with Dempster, which has this exchange:
Q: Has there been any more talk about you becoming a starter?

A: No. None at all.

Q: Would you still like to return to being a starter?

A: For right now, I just worry about trying to go out and do my job. I honestly don't think about it. It doesn't make sense to sit there and concern myself with that when I'm trying to do my job for the rest of this year.

As we all know, returning Dempster to the rotation would be a really, really bad idea. Why do these things get stirred up, especially now, in the middle of a pennant race?
Today's Starting Pitchers
Sean Marshall
S. Marshall
vs. Tim Harikkala
T. Harikkala
5-6 W-L making
4.17 ERA his
52 SO 2007
23 BB season
8 HR debut
vs. Col -- vs. Cubs
This is a joke, right? A 36-year-old pitcher who hasn't been in the major leagues in two years, and hasn't started a major league game in eleven years, is going to start today for the Rockies?

I checked their Triple-A roster. There's not a whole lot of there there, as Gertrude Stein might have said (and that quote seems appropriate, given the Oakland A's cap that Harikkala is sporting in the photo above). Elmer Dessens? Dan Serafini? Dave Veres?!?!?! What are they trying to do, reconstitute the 1999 Rockies? Or, even worse, the 1999 Cubs?

To repeat what I said in the game recap earlier this morning, you well know how the Cubs do against pitchers like this.

Sean Marshall has never faced the Rockies. Harikkala has two lifetime relief appearances against the Cubs, both in 2005. The only Cub who'll play today that he's faced for more than one at-bat is Jason Kendall (1-for-2).

So there's not much to go on in terms of predicting today's starting pitcher performance. Marshall got lit up in his last start against the Astros, pushing his ERA over 4 for the first time this season.

Today, you can find the game on WGN, and also at the Mediacenter. Gameday (2007 version) Gameday (2006 version) Gameday for the Brewers/Astros game

Discuss amongst yourselves.