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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Giants, Tuesday 8/21, 9:15 CT

SAN FRANCISCO -- Road trip time! I'm here in the Bay Area with my kids, visiting my dad who lives here, and to see this critical three-game series. It's still midafternoon here, but I thought I'd get this game thread open early for discussion.

I always like visiting San Francisco, but the best part about this particular visit so far is that it's not raining!!!11! Haven't seen the sun since Friday.

Interesting bit of Barry Bonds trivia, unrelated to his HR chase: the Giants are 24-28 at home when Bonds is in the lineup, 3-4 when he isn't, 8-7 when he homers (that means he's homered in only 15 of 52 home games in which he's played).

Today's Starting Pitchers
Jason Marquis
J. Marquis
vs. Tim Lincecum
T. Lincecum
10-7 W-L 7-3
4.25 ERA 3.95
80 SO 125
59 BB 52
18 HR 11
vs. SF -- vs. Cubs
I had to read Lincecum's game log to believe that 125-strikeout number; it's for real. Despite missing the first month of the season before he was called up from Triple-A, he's tied for 14th in the NL in strikeouts -- and to give you an example of how many that is, his 19 starts tie him with Ben Sheets, a pretty good pitcher. Sheets has 90 strikeouts. And it's amazing that Lincecum can do that, given the fact that he's 23 and looks like he's about 14. He gave up only two hits (although, five walks) to the Cubs at Wrigley Field on July 16; the Cubs won the game but Lincecum got a no-decision. One of the two hits was a HR by Koyie Hill, who's no longer with the ballclub.

Jason Marquis has had good success against the Giants in his career; 3-0, 2.38, and that includes this 2006 game in which he gave them five runs in 8.1 innings. He didn't face the Giants in their only visit to Wrigley Field this year a month ago.

Since you'll ask, Bonds is 5-for-10 with a double and 2 HR lifetime vs. Marquis.

Here is today's Mediacenter link; the game is a cable-only telecast in both Chicago & the Bay Area. It should also be available on EI. Gameday (2007 version) Gameday (2006 version) Gameday for tonight's Brewers/Diamondbacks game

Discuss amongst yourselves.