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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Giants, Wednesday 8/22, 9:15 CT

SAN FRANCISCO -- Remember all the times everyone said Rich Hill's curveball, at times, resembled that of Barry Zito?

Well, tonight the two curveballing lefthanders will face each other for the first time.

See below the pitcher box for more on Zito and Hill, but I wanted to point out that last night's game was the third time that the Cubs have come from behind and won a game in the ninth inning (the others: May 6 vs. Washington and the Aramis Ramirez walkoff HR on June 29.)

Most teams don't win very many such games -- three of them, with a little less than a quarter of the season left, seems to me to be a significant number, showing the resilience of this team. Keep up the good work!

Spent the afternoon taking the ferry to Sausalito, having lunch, then returning for tonight's game.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Rich Hill
R. Hill
vs. Barry Zito
B. Zito
7-7 W-L 9-11
3.93 ERA 4.88
135 SO 100
50 BB 68
24 HR 19
vs. SF -- vs. Cubs
Both of these pitchers have fared well against today's opponent. Hill beat the Giants at Wrigley Field on July 16 and then didn't win another game till last Friday. Zito beat the Cubs the next day, July 17, the only game SF won in that series, striking out eight and walking none. No one presently on the Cubs has hit him particularly well, although Derrek Lee and Cliff Floyd have both homered off him, as has Mark DeRosa (twice, but he has only two other hits in 23 career AB, although has also walked six times).

I neglected to mention yesterday our SB Nation friends over at McCovey Chronicles. Oddly, a lot of their threads don't seem to have to do with current Giants events. Can't imagine why.

Today's game is on WGN. If you don't have access to WGN, try the Mediacenter. Gameday (2007 version) Gameday (2006 version) Gameday for tonight's Brewers/Diamondbacks game

Discuss amongst yourselves.