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Do-It-Yourself August 24 Game Recap

Since I saw none of this game -- I turned on the TV when I got home to see the high-fives on the field after the Cubs' 6-2 win over the Diamondbacks, and only heard the ninth inning via WGN radio in a taxi riding back from Midway Airport, I figured I'd let you fill in the blanks:

Last night at Bank Holding Company Ballpark, took the field and against . Sean Marshall started and . Ryan Dempster had to come in for his 21st save because after had set the D'backs down in good order in the 7th and 8th innings. Newly acquired Cubs outfielder Craig Monroe entered the game in the ninth inning wearing , and proceeded to . Mark DeRosa also had a big night for the Cubs because . There were Cub fans in attendance in the crowd of 36,700, the biggest crowd at Bank Holding Company Ballpark since . Tonight, the Cubs will start on the mound against the Diamondbacks. Manager Lou Piniella's comments after this big win included: . Last night's Phoenix-area broadcast on Fox Sports Arizona was terrible because . Finally, the biggest news from last night's game is that .