"All we can do is come get them tomorrow."

I don't know if there have been other diaries like this, but the comments in the open threads are getting ridiculous. I understand that you're ticked, but making uneducated statements such as "soriano cannot hit," is just dumb (although right now, he's on Pluto, which doesn't even officially exist anymore). These guys have trained harder to do their jobs probably more than anything you have ever done in your life.  They're human beings; they make mistakes. It's baseball; we'd love for the cubbies to go 162-0, but it doesn't happen. So what the offense is in a slump. IT HAPPENS. All you can do is go out and get them tomorrow. It sounds cliche but for this point in time is is completely appropriate. Although you might be oblivious to this, other teams are aloud to win games. In fact, they're going to win games.

Stay positive, go cubs, and thank you.


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