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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Mets, Sunday 8/5, 7:05 CT

Here are a few miscellaneous overlooked facts about a game that is going to get a tremendous amount of hype tonight.

The Cubs' attendance record for a 3-game series is 124,810, set during the Milwaukee series at the end of June. The first two games of the Mets series have drawn a total of 82,924. Thus if the announced paid crowd is 41,887 or more, that would break that one-month-old record. The largest crowd of the year so far is 41,909 on the Saturday of that Milwaukee series. Another attendance note: the Cubs' current season attendance is 2,277,806, an average of 39,961 per date. If they draw 42,194 tonight (unlikely; the above-mentioned 41,909 is the largest announced crowd since the bleacher expansion last year), that would make the average exactly 40,000 for 58 dates.

On to a few notes about Tom Glavine's second attempt to win his 300th career game. Wrigley Field has been the home to a 500th HR (Ernie Banks' in 1970) and a 3000th hit (Stan Musial's, in 1958). The Cubs have had a 300th victory recorded against them (Warren Spahn's), but that was in Milwaukee on August 11, 1961.

So I asked Mike to do a little research into which parks had two or three of these major milestones. Here's what he found:

Busch Stadium II, St. Louis. 500th HR: Griffey, McGwire. 3000th hit: Brock. 300th win: Carlton.
Angels Stadium, Anaheim (various names) 500th HR: Jackson. 3000th hit: Carew, Brett. 300th win: Sutton.

ACTIVE PARKS WITH TWO (in addition to Wrigley Field):
AT&T Park, San Francisco. 500th HR: Bonds. 300th win: Maddux.
Yankee Stadium, New York. 500th HR: Mantle, Rodriguez. 300th win: Seaver, Clemens.
Metrodome, Minneapolis. 500th HR: Thomas. 3000th hit: Winfield, Ripken, Murray.

The West Side Grounds was the site of Nichols' 300th win, and Anson's 3000th hit (traditional numbering, depends on which reference you accept).

And then he added:

This was a SOB to compile, I couldn't find one list that gave all the parks or all the box scores.

That said, let's hope Wrigley Field stays, after tonight, on the "two-milestone" list.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Jason Marquis
J. Marquis
vs. Tom Glavine
T. Glavine
8-6 W-L 9-6
4.22 ERA 4.38
72 SO 62
52 BB 49
17 HR 18
vs. NY -- vs. Cubs
Despite the Cubs' lack of success vs. LHP this season (10-16, worst in the NL), the idea of beating Glavine isn't that much of a stretch. Like his former teammate Greg Maddux, Glavine's not the five-time 20-game winner he once was. He is 14-13, 3.64 vs. the Cubs, but in his last seven starts at Wrigley Field dating back to 1996, he's only 1-4, 4.85. He got a no-decision in a 5-4 Mets win at Shea on May 14, allowing four ER in 6 IP.

His opponent that day was tonight's opponent, Jason Marquis, who threw pretty well in his last start. The Cubs are 14-8 in games Marquis has started (despite his own pedestrian 8-6, 4.22 mark), and are 4-0 in games he has started at Wrigley Field since I acquired my Marquis jersey.

Yes, I know that doesn't really have anything to do with Marquis' or the team's actual performance. But can't we have a little fun? Perhaps more importantly than those records, the Cubs are 10-2 in games Marquis has started at Wrigley Field. He is 6-2, 3.79 at home. Glavine is 3-5, 5.53 on the road.

Among player matchups, Ramon Castro is .455/.500/1.091 vs. Marquis (5-for-11 with a double and 2 HR) and Aramis Ramirez is .500/.571/.955 (11-for-22, a double, 3 HR, 5 walks) vs. Glavine.

Here's today's Mediacenter if you want to follow any of the other games; today's Cubs/Mets game is, of course, on national cable TV. Gameday (2007 version) Gameday (2006 version)

Discuss amongst yourselves.