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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Marlins, Wednesday 9/26, 6:05 CT

Four years and two days ago, a Cubs pitcher, much-maligned over the course of the 2003 season, was sent out to the mound on a Wednesday evening to throw in a road game that the Cubs desperately needed to win to solidify their tenuous hold on the Central division lead.

Shawn Estes responded with a four-hit shutout of the Reds, his best game of the 2003 season.

Jason Marquis, we need the very same thing from you this night. Go get 'em!

Today's Starting Pitchers
Jason Marquis
J. Marquis
vs. Daniel Barone
D. Barone
12-8 W-L 1-3
4.35 ERA 5.30
103 SO 17
73 BB 17
22 HR 10
vs. Fla -- vs. Cubs
Marquis is 4-4, 6.85 in 16 appearances (nine starts) lifetime vs. Florida and got hit pretty hard the only time he's faced them this year, on May 29 at Wrigley Field. What more can be said? He's simply got to get past those bad numbers and throw well tonight.

Daniel Barone is yet another young pitcher who the Cubs have never faced. Usually, that's the kiss of death -- but this kid has walked seventeen and given up ten home runs in only 37.1 innings this season. I say the Cub bats light him up early and often. Incidentally, he is the grandson of Dick Barone, who had a 3-game cuppa coffee with the 1960 Pirates.

Today's cable only game is on EI; also check today's Mediacenter link. Gameday (2007 version) Gameday (2006 version) Gameday for the Brewers/Cardinals game (7:05 CT start)

Discuss amongst yourselves.