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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Marlins, Thursday 9/27, 3:05 CT

As you all certainly remember, Steve Trachsel was the starting and winning pitcher in the 1998 wild card tiebreaker game at Wrigley Field. He allowed the Giants only one hit that day -- a single by Brent Mayne in the 7th, which, incidentally, broke up a no-hitter -- although he walked six, it was one of his best outings of that season.

Yes, I am well aware that was nine years ago. So all I can say is: Steve, here's hoping you've got one more great game in your almost 37-year-old body.

Amusement, since we all sorely need some at this point: Here's what could happen if there are ties in the NL East and West.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Steve Trachsel
S. Trachsel
vs. Scott Olsen
S. Olsen
7-10 W-L 9-15
4.74 ERA 5.88
52 SO 129
74 BB 83
18 HR 29
vs. Fla -- vs. Cubs
One of the reasons I suspect Lou chose Trachsel for this start was his success against the Marlins last year, when he was with the Mets. In 2006, against many of the same players who are with Florida now, Trachsel was 3-0 with a 2.00 ERA in 18 innings pitched. Miguel Cabrera's the only current Marlin who's hit him hard (12-for-21, 5 doubles, 3 HR, .571/.654/1.238).

I'm sure you all know about Scott Olsen, who went to high school in the Chicago area (Crystal Lake South), grew up a Cubs fan, and was one of those in the crowd on Waveland during game six in 2003 (even though he was already pitching in the Marlins organization by then). He's had well-publicized problems this year, including a felony arrest when he tried to elude police after being stopped for DUI. He's pitched poorly all year, giving up at least four runs in each of his last six starts, 0-5 with a 9.47 ERA (and that'd be higher if all eight runs he gave up vs. the Mets last Friday hadn't been unearned), has not faced the Cubs since 2006, and hasn't faced anyone on the current Cubs roster more than eight times. Time to pound an opposing pitcher into submission.

UPDATE [2007-9-27 14:16:05 by Al]: I have just made a post in the ticket exchange section for anyone looking to buy or sell tickets for the Reds series. Click here.

I hesitate to even mention this, because it really shouldn't make any difference what TV channel the game is on. But I'm sure you all remember last year when the Cubs lost eighteen straight games televised by WGN. The broadcasters even joked about it on the air. Well, this year, early on, the club's record in WGN and CSN games was about the same. In recent weeks, though, the record in WGN-televised games has improved (now 39-28) and in CSN-televised games has gotten worse (now 34-38). Thank heavens, based on that, that the game's on WGN today (and so is Saturday's game). Also check today's Mediacenter link. Gameday (2007 version) Gameday (2006 version) Gameday for the Brewers/Padres game (7:05 CT start; I'll repost this link in the recap)

Discuss amongst yourselves.