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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Dodgers, Wednesday 9/5, 7:05 CT

When the Cubs made their stirring comeback vs. the Astros on Sunday, some of you compared that game to this August 29, 1989 pennant race game, also against Houston.

What's happened since Sunday has begun to mirror 1989 in other ways, too. After that dramatic win, the Cubs lost six of nine ... and had their lead cut to half a game, just as it is now. That included blowing a 7-1, 7th-inning lead to the Cardinals on September 8.

The day after that the Cubs came from behind to tie in the 8th inning and won in dramatic fashion, 3-2 in 10, when Luis Salazar's double down the line in a light rain scored Andre Dawson from first base.

That was the first of a six-game winning streak, and the 1989 Cubs won 15 of their last 21 games. I trust we don't have to go through six losses to get to the hot streak that we need. Two is enough. Let's go increase that lead tonight.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Ted Lilly
T. Lilly
vs. Eric Stults
E. Stults
13-7 W-L 1-2
3.89 ERA 4.23
146 SO 24
50 BB 11
24 HR 3
vs. LA -- vs. Cubs
Step it up, Ted Lilly, please. You've been good most of the year, but you haven't won in almost a month (since August 9). Lilly is 1-0 in three career appearances vs. the Dodgers, but with an unsightly 6.57 ERA, including this mediocre performance on May 25 at Dodger Stadium, in which he was yanked with the Cubs down 5-0, only to see them take an 8-5 lead and blow it.

Let's hope those days are long behind us. The only Dodgers who have more than six career AB vs. Lilly are two players who probably won't play today: Nomar Garciaparra (3-for-10) and Shea Hillenbrand (4-for-10).

I don't have much to say about Stults, who is yet another young lefthander who the Cubs have never seen before. When I hear his name I keep thinking of this actor, whose name sounds very similar.

Good news for Derrek Lee today -- he has been named the Cubs recipient of the Roberto Clemente Award, and will be one of the 30 (one for each team) finalists for the national Clemente Award. This award is given "to the Major League Baseball player who combines outstanding skills on the baseball field with devoted work in the community." Derrek is being recognized for his work on Project 3000. You can vote for D-Lee to win the national award by clicking here. (WARNING! That page starts playing a commercial without notice.)

Today's game is on two national channels -- WGN and ESPN -- and also at today's Mediacenter link. Gameday (2007 version) Gameday (2006 version) Gameday for the Astros/Brewers game (7:05 CT start) Gameday for the Pirates/Cardinals game (7:10 CT start)

Discuss amongst yourselves.